This is Home.

Growing up in a small town is a blessing.

This may not be apparent to all though. People see the boring days when nothing is going on and no one to hang out with. Emphasis on the negative aspects are brought about when some think of a small town. – Living in the same town my entire life, I have been able to realize just how spectacular it truly is to grow up in a place of this sort. I have always loved where I come from. It is somewhere I am able to call home. A place I can see myself coming back too, the genuine small town, Pukwana South Dakota. This town is filled with such charm and character; from the people, to the places and the immense over-looked beauty. Pukwana has it all, even if at times it may be hard to see.

I had an amazing childhood. I grew up playing with all the guys. I followed them all around and annoyed my older brothers while doing so. I was ALWAYS right along with my brothers and their friends. There was always something for us kids to do. We took advantage of each opportunity we could. We all loved being outside and doing everything and anything in Puk. We had so many fun games we were able to partake in when we were younger: Town Tag, (Hide ‘n’ seek around Pukwana) Wrestled on Trampoline, Sledding, Rode Horse, Ramped on our Bikes, (sometimes got dangerous) football, kickball, raced bikes, made snow forts, tree forts, caught snakes, swam in water tanks, tag on the hay stacks and so much more. My childhood in Pukwana was filled with fun, laughter and great memories. I loved growing up here, every second of it. Growing up somewhere else, there is no way I would have been able to experience as much exciting and sometimes dangerous things when I was a child. I will always be a girl with small town roots, there is no denying that what so ever. Pukwana is a major part of who I am. Telling someone where I come from is one of my favorite things; Continuously I get the blank stare from people when I say I am from Pukwana. They look at me like what in the world did you just say! Half of the people I tell do not believe that it is an actual town. Little to their knowledge though, it is one of the bests towns.

Pukwana has many great qualities, from the small town charm, to the businesses we have in this town, every aspect is something worth loving. When I was 13 I got a job being a waitress at Jackie’s Cafe here in Pukwana. Jackie was my aunt. Working for family, especially my aunt Jackie was such a blessing. I loved my job, and the cafe was the best place to hear all the recent gossip! The food was incredible, with burgers to drool over. I can without a doubt say, hands down that is was the best job I will ever have. I was paid to socialize with the great people who walked through the door. I met some of the most selfless people ever in my years working there.  I also had the best boss I could have ever asked for. Jackie taught me a lot in the near 5 years I worked at the cafe. There was rarely a day at the cafe that someone did not brighten my day and leave me smiling, if it was not the customers, it was my aunt Jackie. The Cafe is now closed, but is very much a missed quality of Pukwana.


Another great aspect of good ol’ Pukwana South Dakota are the Saturday nights. If you are from around this area, I am sure you know why I say this.- Pukwana has always been known for its racing.Starting off many years ago with Turkey Races and now progressing to Lawn Mower Races. In the summer time, on selected Saturday nights about 30 drives and their mowers gather here in Pukwana to race around our oval track. The excitement is uncontainable while watching these mowers compete at speeds up to 50mph. Not only is it a fun event to watch, it also brings many people to our small town. On a Saturday night in the summer time, Pukwana can at times double in size. Taking the population from 280 to nearly  500 people!


Pukwana has so many small, simple aspects that make it such a great place to grow up in. I have realized this even more now that I have left and went off to college. I know just how truly blessed I was to have grown up where I did and to be able to call this place Home.

Pukwana is comfort. Pukwana is where my family is, my friends are, and where I will always be able to come back too. If you have the pleasure to say this too, you know just what I am talking about. Pukwana is where I come from. Pukwana is Home.


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  1. I loved your story an all so true. We did a lot of the same things growing up. We didn’t have all the technology like now a days. We made up our own fun inside an out. Riding real horses playing cowboy n Indians. Building cool farms with toy implements (no batteries) bikes (no gears) motorcycle riding, roller skating to name just a few things.
    Small town kids were very lucky and I was very fortunate to be one too!


  2. Nice story Amber, there is no place like home and the memories good and bad. I enjoyed reading your blog, thank you. You have some pretty cool relatives that I am glad to say are mine too. 🙂


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