Calls From Home.

Heading on to my second year of college, I found it harder to leave  home this time. I am not quite sure why. Could be that I worked all summer and did not get to have much of an actual “summer” so maybe I thought it was not time for me to go back yet, or could be that I was not ready to get my head into the books yet. There are so many possibilities as to why I might not have been ready to go back to school. What I know for sure, is that this year I am going to be missing home a little more that I previously had the year before.

Last year, I was excited, I was out on my own for the first time, doing my own thing, enjoying life and just doing ME and whatever the hell I wanted. I rarely ever came home. I am actually able to count on one hand the number of times I came home in the 9 months that I was in Brookings last year. I never called home, I always just waited for the call from my mother I would get every few days because she had not heard from me. I never thought anything of it, I never thought that me not calling home was impacting anyone. I now realize how selfish I was. I realize this because I am much older and wiser now. (HA! kidding.) I can only image how my parents felt last year when they would at times struggle to get in contact with me.

I honestly hated when my phone would ring and I saw it was from Home or Daddyo or Moo-Ma. I guess not so much hated it, but at times dreaded it. The fact that I did not stay in contact with them was the reason I disliked when I would see that I had missed calls from Home. I would think the worst, thinking “oh no, I have two missed called from mom, what if something bad happened, what if she needed something.” So many possibilities would scramble through my mind. But the reality was that for the most part my family just wanted to know how I was, what I was doing and just wanted to hear from me. I realize now that if I would have stayed in touch a little more, I probably would not have felt that way each time someone from home called me.

I realize the bad habits I got into last school year, and for just that reason I do call home more. I bother my mom when she is busy, just to say hi, in between my classes. She might not appreciate the times that I call her, but hey it is better than nothing, right? Impressively, I actually see that I have grown a little in the past year, (no, not just my beer belly!) I could not image going days without speaking to my mom, or messaging her every now and then. I realize how vital it is for me to actually stay in touch back home. There is a lot that I miss out on being away from home, but calling every now and then makes up a little for it. So my advice to many and all, is call home once in awhile, do not wait for them to call you. Yes, they will call you eventually,  but it is just so much easier when you call them on your own time and just check in every now and again. Calls from home are no longer something I dread, Calls from home are a great thing.

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